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TM Agronika polypropylene binder twine

TM Agronika binder twine is used for bailing hey and straw. This is a unique twine of premium European quality certified by Quality Certificate, issued for every batch of the product.

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  • Virgin polypropylene

    Made of virgin polypropylene of A4 class. Mouldering-proof, acid and alkali-resistant. Quality guarantee. Best price.

  • 1 % UV additive component

    Binder twine is stabilized against ultra violet radiation.

  • Compatibility

    Agronika binder twine Slovenia can be easily used by all types of bailers.

Marble features
  • Soft and elastic

    Binder twine elasticity enables to make firm knots and even cut. As the twine is soft and elastic it doesn’t skip the trolley of a baling-machine binding mechanism, the softness of the twine reduces the friction when passing through the baling-machine steering unit thus minimizing depreciation of the binding mechanism parts and increasing their validity.

  • Exact weight

    The deviation from the weight, labeled on the roll, never exceeds more than 6%

  • New technologies

    Introduction of new technologies enables polypropylene twine to be easily bound and cut.

Где можно использовать агрошпагат:

“TM Agronika polypropylene binder twine is widely used as baling material for baling hey and straw mechanically. All types of baling ma-chines are adjusted for it. It can also be of use as a gardening twine, packing twine for fixing together carton boxes, furniture, printed prod-ucts, different small and medium-sized con-signment”

Преимущество агрошпагата ТМ AGRONIKA:

“TM Agronika binder twine definitely attracts by its simplicity in use and storage, reasonable price. It is made of propylene, purified from all harmful and hazardous additives on the basis of new upgraded technologies. It does not contain toxic elements. It allows to significantly reduce time and costs spent on haying whereas improv-ing its storage validity.”

TM Agronika.

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  • Excellent packaging

    STRONGER bale net wrap – is a perfect pack-aging for a variety of crops (corn, lupine, rape).

  • Made of a high-quality propylene with high density (HDPE)

    The net edges are of double crimping which contributes to keeping the width stable.

  • Antistatic

    Antistatic prevents from accumulating electro-static charge.

  • Provides smooth surface

    It wraps tightly all bale surface thus making it smooth.



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